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Obama Defends McCain, Albeit Briefly

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(RENO, NEV.) - Barack Obama found himself defending John McCain today - at least when it comes his military service.

At a town hall meeting made up of mostly union workers, a member of the local chapter of the Ironworkers slammed McCain's service.

"Now everything that he talks about is how much he suffered, he was the fattest prisoner that got off the plane," the Obama supporter, who happens to be from the south side of Chicago, said.

As some in the crowd chuckled, Obama quickly interrupted the man and asked if he had a question. Although the supporter went on to ask about wages and the economy, Obama began his answer by condemning the man's comments.

"Respectfully, I'm gonna disagree with you when it comes to McCain and his service," Obama said to applause.

"I think his policies are terrible, I think his service was honorable and I think he deserves respect for that."

As expected, Obama quickly changed direction and went on link McCain to Washington lobbyists and slam his economic policies.

Clearly, the civility that was briefly shown today - and yesterday at Rick Warren's forum - is fleeting.

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