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Obama Courts Michiganers; Ties Economy to Auto Industry

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(GRAND RAPIDS, MICH.) - Barack Obama warned that if the House doesn't pass the economic rescue plan on Friday, financial markets could collapse and hit Michigan where it hurts – the auto industry.

"The auto industry as tough as it's had, it is getting more decimated because people can't get car loans now," Obama said at a rally today. "If this continues, then we could see the unemployment rate jump even higher."

Obama will make an aggressive play for Michigan's 17 electoral votes today when both he and Michelle Obama hit a combined total of five cities throughout the state. The campaign has deployed rock star Bruce Springsteen and rapper Jay-Z to headline rallies here this week.

The sudden push in Michigan is not an accident, though. With just five days left until the October 6th registration deadline, the Obama campaign hopes to enlist a record number of new voters. A high turn out on November 4th could be the key to Obama winning the election.

Tonight, he will host a rally at Michigan State University, where thousands of young voters are expected to attend. Obama will watch the vice presidential debate with campaign aides at his hotel in Lansing.

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