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Obama Continues Focus on Red States

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(COLUMBIA, MO.) - As Barack Obama continues his swing through battleground states today, his campaign manager announced that they are making a play for prime Republican real estate. Georgia, North Dakota, and John McCain's home state of Arizona have long been perceived as safe for McCain, but a recent boost in polls numbers has motivated the campaign to spend more on advertising in those states.

"We're just going to give it a go in the last 4 days and see how close we can get it," David Plouffe said on a conference call this morning.

He explained Arizona would have been in play if it was not McCain's home state. He attributes the recent bump in Arizona polls to Hispanic voters and suburban voters. As a result, the campaign is flooding the state with volunteers in hopes to minimize McCain's margin of victory.

Obama will campaign in both Iowa and Indiana today, states which George Bush carried in 2004. Senior advisor Robert Gibbs said the trip to Iowa is both strategic and symbolic.

"Obviously Iowa holds a special bit in our story and I think it's fitting to take a last trip back to Iowa," Gibbs said.

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