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Obama: Clinton Still "Formidable," But Won't Debate

From CBS News' Michelle Levi:

PORTLAND, ORE. – Saying Hillary Clinton's lead is "insurmountable" in some areas, Barack Obama will continue campaigning in the upcoming primary states, starting today in Oregon. "Senator Clinton is a formidable candidate," he said. "She is very likely to win West Virginia and Kentucky, those are two states where she has insurmountable leads. We are going to spend some time there, but we are also going to be going to Oregon, Montana, South Dakota and Puerto Rico."

Obama will spend the next two days here, starting with a small town hall meeting in Beaverton with software workers. The group will be comprised of white collar workers who are still struggling to live comfortably due to deteriorating economic conditions. Obama will criticize John McCain on his economic plan by asking the question, who would fight harder for American workers, Barack Obama or John McCain?

Hillary Clinton is also pressuring Obama to debate her in Oregon. "If you think you've made up your mind to support my opponent, wait awhile," she said at a rally in Central Point. "Keep thinking. Keep waiting for that debate." The campaign explains that they've said all they can about the debate situation and that their argument against debating in Indiana still holds. "He wants to meet the people," said Jen Psaki, a campaign spokesman. "We assume she wants to do the same."

Obama will also hold a local stop on his way to Albany, where he will speak at the Linn County Fair and Expo Center. Michelle Obama's brother and new Oregon State basketball coach, Craig Robinson, will introduce Rep. Pete DeFazio, D-Ore., who will introduce Obama. There will be another local stop en route to an evening rally in Eugene tonight.