Obama Cautious In Virginia

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This column was written by CBS News Early Show Co-Anchor Harry Smith.
Last week, with a double digit lead in the polls, Barack Obama addressed a large enthusiastic rally and said "I have two words; I don't want you to forget. New Hampshire."

When it came time to vote in the first in the nation primary last winter, Barack Obama was leading in the polls.

Hillary closed fast and pulled off the win, setting the stage for the longest democratic primary in memory.

I spent a good deal of time with the Obama Campaign Wednesday in Richmond, Virginia.

Virginia, long a republican given, has a democratic governor, one democratic senator and likely soon to have another.

There's a purplish and maybe even a blue hue on the horizon there. And if Obama can win in Virginia, it will represent an enormous obstacle to a McCain victory.

The Obama folks are as confident as they feel they can risk. Knowing anything can happen in a week and a half.

As the candidate told me, "we're playing it like we're six points behind."