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Obama Campaigns in "Real" Virginia

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(LEESBURG, VA.) - Barack Obama wrapped up a full day of campaigning in Virginia today – where his surrogates repeatedly warned the crowds of thousands that Obama is still an underdog despite leading in most major polls. At a rally in Ida Park tonight, Gov. Tim Kaine, D-Va., said, "It's looking good now, but we have not done this for 44 years. We've gotta assume that we are the underdog in this race until we break the string and claim the victory."

On this crisp, autumn evening, over 30,000 people flooded the park and the downtown area of the city. Just moments after taking the stage, Obama told the crowd that it felt good to be in "real" Virginia. "This looks like authentic Virginia and y'all look like a bunch of Virginians," he said to cheers.

Last week, McCain senior adviser Nancy Pfotenhauer suggested that the Republican nominee would win the state because he is doing better in the southern part of the state or, as she called it, "real Virginia."

Tonight, Obama dismissed the notion that the state is divided into liberal or conservative parts.

"I've been traveling across this great state of Virginia for months. I've met folks everywhere I go. I haven't seen a real Virginia and a fake Virginia, I've just seen Virginia," Obama said. " I've met folks down in Martinsville and folks up here in Leesburg who are worried about their jobs, their schools, their health care."

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