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Obama Camp Reaches Out To Clinton Fundraisers

Now that Hillary Clinton has called on her supporters to rally around presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama, Obama's campaign is trying to win over some of Clinton's biggest financial backers.

Obama's campaign manager David Plouffe will meet with a group of top Clinton fundraisers on Thursday in Manhattan, reports Talking Points Memo. "It's an effort by the Obama campaign to reach out to Hillary's major supporters to ask them for their help and to be involved in the general election campaign," one fundraiser said.

This is the first such session, and involved Obama's major fundraisers reaching out to major donors who backed his former rival.

"It's really people leveraging their relationships," the Obama fundraiser told TPM. "The [Clinton donors] will be more comfortable if they're contacted by people they know, rather than someone nameless and faceless to them. A lot of people [on both sides] know each other."

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