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Obama Camp Hits McCain on Colombia Trip

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(CHICAGO) John McCain hasn't been in Colombia for 24 hours yet, but the Obama campaign is already taking jabs at his visit. At issue is the Colombia Free Trade Agreement, which McCain supports and Barack Obama opposes. McCain has called Obama's opposition to the agreement protectionist and believes that it could boast the U.S. economy.

This morning, the Obama campaign argued that McCain's trip highlights his support for Bush's economic polices. In an email to reporters, spokesman Tommy Vietor wrote, "Senator McCain's trip to Mexico and Colombia just underscores his insistence on continuing George Bush's failed economic policies that have left nearly 2.5 million more workers unemployed—including unfair trade deals that have been written by lobbyists."

Vietor also noted a New York Times report which says that McCain advisor, Charlie Black, earned $1.8 million for lobbying on behalf of the leading oil and gas exporter in Colombia. "This is more of the Washington politics that has left American working families struggling to compete in a global economy by putting the lobbyists and special interests first," Vietor said.

Obama heads to Colorado Springs today where he will give a speech on national service. His planned trip to Europe and the Middle East is slated for later this month.

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