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Obama Braves The Rain

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(FREDERICKSBURG, VA.) - With only 38 days left until the election, not even a rainstorm could prevent Barack Obama from campaigning tonight. He spoke to thousands of young voters at the University of Mary Washington and, as it poured, the only solace that he could give was to offer to pay for the crowd's dry cleaning.

"I'd like to cover everybody's dry cleaning bill here tonight," Obama quipped. But when he realized that someone may actually take him up on the offer, he corrected himself. "I can't because I got to use it on the campaign, so consider it one more modest contribution to our efforts to change the country."

Obama stood in the rain without an umbrella or a hat, and delivered an almost 30-minute speech with Joe Biden by his side the entire time.

The crowd didn't seem to mind the rain – most remained at the rally despite the muddy conditions. Often incorporating the rain into the stump – Obama said, "This young generation that's out here – the young people understand that the clouds – these too will pass that a brighter day will come"

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