Obama: Bradley Effect "Outdated," "Overstated"

When Katie interviewed Sen. Barack Obama in Columbus, Ohio, Sunday, she asked him about the much-debated, perhaps outdated and maybe even non-existent Bradley Effect. Watch the clip here to see what Obama had to say ... or check out the short transcript below.

Katie Couric: There's been a debate about the Bradley Effect, which as you know, in essence is when some respondents lie to pollsters and say, "Sure, we'd for an African American candidate," but on Election Day they just don't do it. A lot of people say it's a phenomenon that's outdated, overstated – and misunderstood. Having said that, do you think we'll see evidence of that on Election Day?

Barack Obama: You know, I have to tell you, I'm in the camp that says it's outdated and overstated. I mean, the fact of the matter is that people have been worrying and fussing about whether or not I'm hampered because I'm an African American since we were campaigning in Iowa. The reason I'm sitting here two days before the election as the Democratic nominee is because the American people ultimately care about whether or not you can do the job.