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Obama attack ad marks turning point in campaign

Today marks a turning point in the campaign as President Obama's team begins what they say will be a relentless attack on Mitt Romney's strongest asset, his business acumen and perceived reputation as a job creator.

One of the first negative attack ads by Obama's re-election campaign will air in Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Nevada, and features former steel workers who lost their jobs. (watch at left)

The script says "Bain Capital made at least $12 million on GS Industries before it declared bankruptcy and sought elimination of the pension, health, and life insurance plans."


Bain Capital was co-founded by Romney. The failure of GS Industries is not a bright spot in Bain's record. But Bain may not be to blame for the company's failure. At that time, an influx of cheap imports forced nearly half of the U.S. steel industry into bankruptcy.

This is a test of whether Romney can successfully defend his record, the very record he plans to make the centerpiece of his plan to prove he's a better choice to turn around America's economy.

As he is also running on the economy, Mr. Obama plans to try and prove that Romney would take the U.S. "backward."

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