Obama and Clinton Argue Over Iraq


From CBS News' John Bentley

CHICAGO – Barack Obama's campaign woke up this morning with a press release from his Democratic nemesis lauding Hillary Clinton's "35 years of public service" and reminding them that she is a "U.S. Senator who sits on the Armed Services Committee."

"Lacking a comparable record, Senator Obama has premised his campaign on just words, most notably the resounding speech he delivered in October 2002 against the Iraq war," read the release. "But with the fifth anniversary of the invasion upon us, the onus is now on Senator Obama to demonstrate what he did to act on that 2002 speech when he got to the U.S. Senate."

The Obama campaign has said several times that experience is no substitute for judgment, pointing out that Clinton voted to authorize the Iraq war in 2002. The candidate himself is expected to talk more about Iraq later today.

Obama will spend the day in Pennsylvania, the biggest prize left on the primary schedule. He'll hold a town hall meeting outside Pittsburgh this morning, then celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Scranton at the Irish Women Society Dinner tonight at seven.