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Obama Ad Deems McCain "Out Of Touch"

The Obama campaign has released its second advertisement spotlighting John McCain's inability to say how many houses he owns in an interview this week. The sharply critical spot invokes "country club economics" and casts McCain as wealthy and disconnected from the economic troubles of average Americans.

"Call it country club economics," an announcer says as the spot opens on a shot of McCain and former president George Bush in a golf cart. "How many houses does he own? John McCain says he can't even remember anymore." (Note the use of "anymore" here, which could prompt suggestions that the Obama camp is trying to spotlight McCain's age.)

"Well, it's seven," the announcer continues. "No wonder McCain just said the fundamentals of our economy are strong." Here McCain is shown with George W. Bush.

"And anyone making less than five-million-dollars-a-year is middle-class," the announcer adds. This is a reference to McCain's comment to Rick Warren that a $5 million income is what it takes to be considered rich, a comment his campaign later said was a joke and McCain predicted would be distorted.

Concludes the announcer: "Maybe McCain thinks this economy is working for folks like him. But how're things going – for you?"

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