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Hundreds flock to illegal sideshows in northern California

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Despite a police crackdown, there were at least three illegal sideshows with hundreds in attendance on northern California streets over the weekend.

CBS San Francisco reports the one biggest sideshow took place on High Street. Three cars did donuts in the intersection while dozens of spectators recorded the event on their cellphones. A crowd gathered at the intersection and on an overpass above to watch the action.

A second sideshow took place in the parking lot of Target shortly after midnight on Sunday.

Upon their arrival, officers discovered there were over 100 cars and more than 500 people gathered in the parking lot. Police began to disperse the crowd, but firecrackers were tossed out. A fire subsequently started, and attendees threw glass bottles at the officers.

Authorities say a hit-and-run collision — involving a vehicle and a tree — appeared to be related to the sideshow activity. The driver of the vehicle fled from the scene. A passenger was located at the crash site, but refused treatment from paramedics. 

No arrests were made, according to police. 

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