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"O Speak All Ye Sources"

'Tis the season and that means it's time for caroling. As they do every year, our friends at The Hotline offer a variety of unique and original carols to fit the season. (Subscription to The Hotline is required but you can check out their open blog here). This one caught our eye from this year's offerings:

O Speak all Ye Sources
(to tune of "O Come All ye Faithful")

They speak off the record,
And whisper it on background.
They leak, they tip, they nudge, they spin,
They prevaricate.
They're "senior aides" - "advisors" -
And "former Hill staffers"
Their special contribution
Is without attribution.
So there's no retribution,
When they screw their boss.

They say Plame sent Joe to Niger.
They say that Blunt got his share.
A leak here, a leak there,
Levees broken everywhere.
They say Downie's got a good word
For Bernstein, not for Woodward.
The simple fact of course is
We can guess most of the sources.
To find who Novak's source is
Just leak to Robert Strauss.

They get on Bill Gertz' call slips.
Vendehei gets big tips.
Isikoff has his loose lips.
Lloyd Grove his rolodex.
Release it, they'll dismiss it.
Leak it, they'll go with it.
Just what is a good friend for
Than a means to an end for
A staunch free press defender.
-- Anonymous