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NYC Taxi Taxes Traffic

A New York City cabby made quite an impression the first day on the job. He started that day with an accident, but that was just the beginning, reports News2 Correspondent Morry Alter of CBS Station WCBS-TV in New York.

He made a fateful decision to leave the scene. He proceeded up 20th street, where he hit Broadway— and a pedestrian. That person is now in the hospital.

He made another decision to leave—apparently forgetting the 40 hours of training he took to get his license. Officers say the man continued on his way until they caught up with him at 19th Street and Park Avenue. That was right after he hit a second parked car.

Now the new cabby finds himself in some legal trouble. He's facing three charges for leaving the scene of an accident and one involving that injured pedestrian.

"I feel sorry for him. Accidents happen," one veteran cabby said. That cab driver has had three accidents, although they happened over the course of a 14-year career.

A spokesman for the cab company said the driver had passed his test. The spokesman said if the driver should get his license back, the company will take a pass on him this time around.

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