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NYC shopping cart toss victim Marion Salmon Hedges says she feels sorry for teens who almost killed her

Marion Salmon Hedges, 47, was injured Oct. 30, 2011, when a shopping cart hit her head after being dropped from a fourth-floor walkway.
Marion Salmon Hedges, 47 WCBS-TV

(CBS/AP) NEW YORK - Marion Salmon Hedges, the woman who was seriously injured by a shopping cart thrown from a fourth-floor New York City mall last year,  says she feels sorry for the boys who tossed it. She is also eager to get back to helping young boys like the two who nearly killed her.

In the first time speaking publicly since the October 30 incident,  Hedges says she has never heard an apology from the boys but wishes them well.

Hedges suffered head trauma, busted ribs and was in a coma for weeks. She said she remains blind in her left eye and still has trouble walking. However, she no longer needs a cane.

The New York Daily News reports Hedges said Monday that while she's made strides in her recovery, she has a "long way to go" and is taking things one day at a time.

"I'm only focusing on recovery and focusing on helping other young boys that need help," said Hedges, a longtime volunteer for the do-good group the New York Junior League.

Hedges said Monday she never received Jeovanni's letter of apology.

"I haven't heard from them, but I wish them well, I do," Hedges said, who has a 13-year-old son and a 15-year-old daughter. "I feel sorry for them."

The accused boys, 12 and 13 years old and referred to in court papers as Raymond H. and Jeovanni R., have since pleaded guilty. One was sentenced to at least six months in a therapeutic foster home. The other boy was sentenced to at least six months in a therapy-oriented boarding school.

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