NYC cabbie loses license after wild run-in with passenger

Image from surveillance video shows NYC taxi driver Sidikiba Diallo standing on the left side of his cab, pulling a passenger out of the vehicle; inset, Diallo CBS New York
(CBS) NEW YORK - A New York City cab driver has lost his license after he lost his cool with a passenger, literally yanking him out of his taxi, CBS New York reported.

The wild encounter unfolded outside a sushi restaurant in April.

Glenn Yonemitsu left his friends at 3 a.m. and got into a cab for a ride from Manhattan to Queens, but taxi driver Sidikiba Diallo balked at taking him there, CBS New York reported.

Surveillance video showed the driver spent several minutes at the rear door trying to get the passenger to leave. Then, Diallo climbed inside the cab and pushed Yonemitsu out onto the pavement.

The passenger wouldn't relent and got back into the cab (only in New York), and was yanked out violently...again.

Yonemitsu told the Daily News "It hurt a lot. I ended up with a lot of injuries."

"A driver cannot use physical force ever. Period. End of story. And obviously what this driver did just goes way over the line," Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky said.

Yassky yank Diallo's taxi license this week.

Diallo told the Daily News "I want to defend my name" and claimed he tried to kick out the passenger because "he was very drunk."

The driver doers not face criminal charges, but his license was rescinded after several hearings and appeals.