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N.Y. students suspended after gay teen's suicide

AMHERST, N.Y. - A high school in upstate New York has suspended some students after the suicide of a bullied gay teenager.

Jamey Rodemeyer's suicide at age 14 on Sept. 18 drew national attention, including laments from Lady Gaga over the loss of another promising life to bullying.

Police in the Buffalo suburb of Amherst investigating the death uncovered five bullying episodes at Williamsville North High School, but cited difficulties in prosecuting the case in announcing last month that no charges would be filed.

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The Buffalo News reports that the Williamsville Central School District concluded its own investigation into Rodemeyer's death last week by suspending some North High School students. School officials declined to say how many students were suspended or how long the suspensions will last. Superintendent Scott Martzloff said the students face "a minimum of suspensions," meaning at least short-term suspensions of up to five days, with the possibility of long-term suspensions subject to a hearing. Because of the student's age, expulsion is not an option.

Police previously reported that they had evidence of several bullying incidents including at least four instances when someone made inappropriate comments about Rodemeyer's sexual orientation. A female student was suspended after his death for telling friends of his sister that she was glad Rodemeyer was dead. That same student was involved in two of the bullying cases that the police had been investigating.