N.Y. Amish Man Robbed At Gunpoint

Police say two men armed with a .50 caliber muzzleloading rifle held up an Amish buggy driver and made off with a pipe, tobacco and flashlight.

It happened in the Saint Lawrence County town of DeKalb early Monday. Sheriff's deputies say 19-year-old Levi Hershberger was driving his buggy along County Route 15 when a car pulled alongside him and two men inside asked if he had any drugs. He said he didn't and they drove off, only to come back and ask him again for drugs.

When the two men returned a second time, they told Hershberger they were undercover state troopers, police said, reports the Watertown Daily Times.

Deputies say the men forced Hershberger out of the buggy at gunpoint and searched the vehicle. Later, when Hershberger got home, the men drove into his driveway and he ran to a neighbor's to call police while the men woke his father and again demanded drugs.

Arrested were 19-year-old Jonathan Gagne and 21-year-old Andrew Grant. Both were charged with first-degree armed robbery, criminal possession of a weapon and second-degree impersonating an officer. Both men have previously pleaded guilty to burglary charges and are on probation, reports the Watertown Daily Times.

They were sent to the county jail on $25,000 bail.