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Nushawn Williams Spread HIV To 13 Women, and Did His Time; Will He Be Locked Up Forever?

Nushawn Williams (Chautauqua County Jail)
BUFFALO, N.Y. (CBS/AP) Relatives of Nushawn Williams, who recently completed a 12-year prison sentence for knowingly infecting at least 13 women with the AIDS virus, say there's no reason the state should keep him locked up any longer.

Williams' wife and mother spoke outside a Buffalo courtroom Wednesday after the state attorney general's office began efforts to keep him confined under a civil law meant to keep the most dangerous sex offenders out of communities after their sentences are completed.

Williams pleaded guilty in 1998 to charges of statutory rape and reckless endangerment after his behavior set off a panic in the small western New York town of Jamestown. In 1999, he told reporters that he'd had sex with 200 to 300 women before his arrest. He says he does not remember being told by health officials that he was HIV-positive.

The attorney general's office described the 33-year-old in court papers as a mentally disturbed, sex-obsessed drug user who was unruly and sometimes violent during his 12 years in prison and would likely infect more women if set free.

Williams was assigned a lawyer at Wednesday's procedural hearing. He will be back in court May 6.

He now goes by the name Shyteek Johnson.