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Nurse infected with Ebola donating blood for research

DALLAS - One of two Dallas nurses who contracted Ebola last year is donating blood to a biotech firm to determine if her antibodies can be used to develop a drug to combat the deadly disease.

Amber Vinson gave the blood Wednesday to drug development company XBiotech.

XBiotech CEO John Simard told WFAA-TV in Dallas that those who survive Ebola have "very good antibodies" that could be the foundation for developing a resistance to the disease.

Vinson's donation isn't the first; Dr. Kent Brantly and others who have contracted Ebola have given blood plasma to help treat victims.

Vinson became infected while treating a Liberian who fell ill during a visit to Dallas last fall. Both she and the second nurse have recovered.

Brantly contracted the disease treating patients in Liberia.