Nurse drops newborn at hospital, fracturing his skull

UNIONTOWN, Pa. -- Authorities in Pennsylvania say a nurse has dropped a newborn boy at a hospital, fracturing his skull. The baby's mother says a doctor told her the nurse was "drowsy."

The hospital and Uniontown police say the 30-year veteran nurse at Uniontown Hospital was holding the baby at about 6 a.m. Tuesday when he fell from her grasp.

Mother Jacqueline Hunt tells WPXI-TV that a pediatrician told her the nurse was feeding and burping her 1-day-old son "and she was drowsy and fell asleep and dropped him."

Hall says he has a skull fracture but is expected to recover.

WPXI-TV later reported on Twitter that the neck brace was removed from the baby and the newborn is now able to eat.

The hospital says, "We are sorry that such a wonderful event has been overshadowed by an unfortunate situation."

Police are investigating but say they don't believe criminal conduct was involved.