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Nurse adopts baby she spent months caring for between his two heart surgeries

PICU nurse adopts patient
PICU nurse adopts patient she cared for in between his two heart surgeries 01:57

A nurse who always wanted to be a mother says God put her in the right place at the right time, and now she has a son. Angela Farnan has been a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit nurse in Peoria, Illinois for 32 years. When one mother could no longer provide for her son, Farnan stepped up her care.

Farnan took in a baby boy named Blaze in between his two heart surgeries, CBS Chicago reports. Blaze was born with a congenital heart defect and needed to get surgery just three days after he was born, and then another surgery eight months later. He'll need another one before the age of five.

Baby Blaze needed two heart surgeries in his first eight months of life. Now, he's walking, riding his bike and blowing kisses. CBS Chicago

Farnan met Blaze's mother at OSF Children's Hospital and quickly became like family. Blaze's mom didn't live near the hospital and couldn't pay for all the care he needed at home. So, she put her son in the care of a trustworthy person – his nurse.

"The good Lord put us where we are for a reason," Farnan said. She and her husband took Blaze into their home and gave him the intensive care he needed.

The day of his second surgery in March 2018, Blaze's mother asked Farnan if she and her husband would consider officially adopting her son.

"She made a heartfelt decision to ask us if we'd be willing to keep him on a permanent basis," Farnan said. "It was an emotional time...She was in tears. Internally, we are ecstatic but sad for this mom who is feeling a loss."

Farnan's husband, Rick, said they had fallen in love with Blaze and it was a no-brainer to adopt him.

Blaze -- who recovered from his surgeries and can now walk, ride his bike and blow kisses -- has gained a loving family. But he wasn't the only one who benefited from the adoption. "I've always wanted to be a mother and then you just have to realize and trust in God and believe that he has a greater purpose for you," Farnan said.

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