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'Nsync Doesn't Stop The Music

Fast Facts About ‘Nsync

'NSync has its their roots in Orlando, Fla., where Washington, D.C., native "JC" Chasez, and Tennessee-born Justin Timberlake met on the set of the Disney Channel's Mickey Mouse Club.

When the show ended, the two found themselves in Nashville at the same time working with the same vocal coach and songwriters, but on solo projects. When Justin was called back to Orlando, he met Chris Kirkpatrick, from Pittsburgh, Pa.

The trio then met New Yorker Joey Fatone in a local Orlando club. Three became four when the fast friends realized they had the four separate vocal parts necessary for some amazing harmony.

Inspired by a shared love of music-making, the quartet decided to form a band and began looking for a bass voice. Through Timberlake's vocal coach, the group found 18-year-old Clinton, Mississippi 'basso profundo' Lance Bass. Five stars were born.

'NSync scored its first hit in Germany, where the explosion later carried to the U.K. Their self-titled 1998 album sold over 10 million copies, and contained four hit singles, including: I Want You Back, Tearing Up My Heart, Drive Myself Crazy and God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You. They eventually hit the U.S. with the recent wave of pop music popularity. Now, they've run to the head of the pack.

In 1999, 'NSync won for "Best New Pop/Rock Group" at the American Music Awards.

The first single off their 2000 release of No Strings Attached, the hard-hitting Bye, Bye, Bye made music history when it became the most aired Contemporary Hit Radio single of all time.

Group member JC began a parallel career with teh group's latest release for which he wrote and produced four of the album's tracks.

The group's name actually came from the last letter of each of their names: 'N' for Justin, 'S' for Chris, 'Y' for Joey, and 'C' for JC. Maybe the 'E' at the end of 'Lance' is signified by the first sound of the band's in "Ensync."

They were featured in MTV's halftime show at this year's Superbowl, along with Aerosmith and Britney Spears.


No Strings Attached (2000)
It's Gonna Be Me [Single] (2000)
God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You [Single] (1999)
Music Of My Heart [Single] (1999)
Home For Christmas (1998)
Tearin' Up My Heart [Single] (1998)

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