NRA at odds with Texas gun advocacy group

The National Rifle Association finds itself at odds with an unlikely group: gun owners.

Gun activists in Texas are fuming after the NRA called their growing trend "scary" and "downright weird," reports CBS News' Manuel Bojorquez.

Not only is the NRA in agreement with gun control advocates, it's actually criticizing gun owners for doing something that is perfectly legal in the Lone Star state -- carrying their long barrel guns out in public.

"We're gonna do a little open carry at Chili's, guys," a member of a local chapter of the gun rights advocacy group "Open Carry Texas" said last month in a video.

It's what prompted a rebuke from the NRA. Open Carry Texas members tried to eat a meal at a Chili's eatery while carrying their weapons.

"We're happy to sit you and feed you, you just -- you just have to leave your firearms outside," a Chili's employee said to the group in the video.

At least one patron became upset, saying, "There's children here and you're a dumb***."

The group received similar treatment at a Sonic restaurant.

"I'm not gonna serve y'all," a Sonic worker said.

The videos, which were first posted by Open Carry Texas, then picked up by the liberal magazine Mother Jones, sparked a backlash.

Several restaurant chains moved to ban guns on their premises, but members of Open Carry Texas remained unapologetic.

"People are going to be alarmed and they are entitled to their own feelings, but we shouldn't restrict people from doing stuff because other people feel or think a certain way," said Kory Watkins, member of Open Carry Texas in Tarrant County.

Still, some Second Amendment supporters feel alienated.

"They're just trying to prove a point, and they're being a bully -- it's bullying businesses, it's bullying individuals," Glynn Wilcox said.

By last weekend, even the NRA had had enough.

The nation's most vocal gun advocacy group condemned the activists, saying, "Using guns merely to draw attention to yourself in public not only defies common sense, it shows a lack of consideration and manners."

Open Carry Texas has already modified tactics, telling supporters not to go into restaurants without prior permission and to carry rifles in slings, not held in their hands.

The group still felt betrayed by the NRA. On Monday, Open Carry Texas threatened to withdraw its support for the national organization, saying, "If they do not retract their disgusting and disrespectful comments, OCT will have no choice but to withdraw its full support of the NRA."

The group posted a photo of an NRA membership card cut up.