Now, the Important Stuff

The reviews are in.

On the morning after Katie Couric made television history, pundits and critics are divided over what may be the most important news of last night.

I speak, of course, of what Katie wore.

A sampling:

And while I've never attempted to carve out a career as a fashion writer, her black dress and white top seemed stylish and appropriate. – Dusty Saunders, Rocky Mountain News

As for what Couric wore on opening night (if the set and music count, so does wardrobe), she selected a smart, crisp, white jacket over a black top and skirt. – David Bianculli, New York Daily News

What was conspicuously lacking were any flourishes that could be seen as brazen attempts to render the news' appeal younger, hipper and, dare we say it, more feminine. (And just to dispense with the other potentially sexist bit of business that will no doubt be analyzed ad nauseam, Couric looked just fine in a white jacket. My guess is that Brian Williams and Charles Gibson both went with a jacket and tie.) – Brian Lowry, Variety

The camera framed Couric, chic in a white jacket and dark skirt, in a sultry position as she listened to her guest. – Mark Perigard, Boston Herald

And for the first time in history that a female was allowed to deliver a network's evening news alone, Katie chose to wear an unfortunate white blazer - the result, no doubt, of some jokester lying to her face when Katie asked, "Does this make me look fat?" And the day after Labor Day, to boot! - Andrea Peyser, the New York Post

(Lara) Logan's arresting screen presence also helped deflect attention from Ms Couric's much scrutinized appearance (fitted white jacket over a black sheath dress). – Alessandra Stanley, New York Times

Couric, who began the newscast standing up and promoting what was to come, oddly wore a white blazer over a black top and skirt, the blazere buttoned in such a way as to make her look chubby, bursting at the button, which we know she isn't. It was a poor choice, but the lavish newsroom set built as Couric's display case was handsome indeed … - Tom Shales, Washington Post