Now, A Crush-on-Hillary Video

Last month's popular I Got a Crush on Obama online video wouldn't be complete without a competing Hillary Clinton counterpart.

Los Angeles actress Taryn Southern recently filmed the video Hott4Hill in which the actress also provocatively professes her love to a presidential candidate.

"I have a crush on a girl named Hill, but she's not with me, she's with this guy named Bill," she sings. Southern openly admits that the video was a complete parody of the "Obama Girl" video. "Following the release of the Obama Girl video, I felt that it was my social responsibility to provide America with a fair and balanced view of the 2008 Democratic campaign by showing my love and support for my own favorite candidate--Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton," Southern wrote on her blog Hott4Hill.

These popular YouTube videos follow another set of widely watched campaign videos from the spring that parodied Apple Computer's 1984 commercial. Phil de Vellis, who was working for Blue State Digital, an Internet company that provides technology to some presidential campaigns, created the mash-up without the knowledge of his employer. The video went viral.

In response, Clinton supporters created their own video where the candidates have switched places. More spoofing between the candidates is sure to come, however, the Obama camp has yet to copy Clinton's popular Sopranos video.

By Nikki Schwab