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Nov. 2002: Related Show Links

Searching for a Web address from an The Early Show segment? Well, look no further.

Here are related links for November. Check back regularly for updated links and additional show-related information.

Saturday, Nov. 23, 2002

Rainforest Critters

Jim Knox from Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo showed The Saturday Early Show a wide assortment of animals that inhabit the world's rainforests. You can find more information about rainforest critters at Beardsley Zoo's website at

Monday, Nov. 18, 2002

Holiday Tips For Parents

The holiday season brings a whole new set of pressures and issues for today's parents. To help you cope, Sissy Biggers of Better Homes & Gardens visits The Early Show with tips on how you can keep your cool while everyone around you is losing theirs. You can find her advice on the magazine's Web site,

Saturday, Nov. 9, 2002

The Slowest Runner In The Race

Lloyd Scott has earned the distinction of the slowest marathon runner in New York's 2002 Marathon. Scott has suffered from leukemia and even had a hip replacement this year, but that still didn't stop him from donning an authentic antique deep-sea diver's suit that weighs more than 130 pounds and a 40-pound helmet. For one week, he has stayed on the marathon course and rested at New York Fire Department stations along the way. You can make donations to Scott's charities through his Web site,

Monday, Nov. 4, 2002

Artists for the Cure at Carnegie Hall

We all know Marvin Hamlisch as a legendary composer and pianist who has won virtually every major award for his music from Grammys to Oscars to Tonys. On Monday evening, he lends his talents as a performer and as an MC at an event benefiting a cause dear to his heart- the Artists for the Cure at Carnegie Hall. He joined The Early Show along with Joan Kwuon, a violinist and the co-founder of Artists for Breast Cancer Survival. For more information about the benefit concert, visit

Saturday, Nov. 2, 2002

Laughter Clubs

They say "laughter is the best medicine" and now a new trend that has its roots in India may just prove that old aphorism. The Saturday Early Show's Ira Joe Fisher examines why Americans are getting into "group guffaws" by joining "laughter clubs." The NYC Laughter Club and World Laughter Tour tries to promote laughter for a better life. No joke - call it the new yoga.