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Not Your Average Case of the Sniffles

I walked in the office today and one of my co-workers said, "You sound congested." Yes, I do. Despite our horrific weather, I had been having a blissfully illness-free winter. Then yesterday, it happened. Sneezing. My nose started running. Not in a gentlemanly way. But, in massive, unstoppable torrents. I went to the medicine cabinet looking for help but, I might have been better off calling the Army Corp. of Engineers. Nothing was going to stop this flood. The usual over-the-counter remedy I count on was powerless. And I, like an idiot, piled several other medicines on top of it. So I lay awake all night with an antihistamine buzz. I've since locked myself in my office and started drinking plenty of liquids. Colds should never be called colds. What I have is acute viral rhino pharangitis. Sniffles, this ain't.

Just a minute... I'm Harry Smith, CBS News