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Not So Super Super Bowl Commercials

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.

I joined in the national ritual of watching the Super Bowl yesterday. I tuned in about an hour and a half before the game started. ESPN did a lot of the pre-game. I like those guys, Chris Berman, Tom Jackson, but they were inside the stadium so they screamed through the entire pre-game show. Not good.

The game starts, and you know what? Even though it's the Super Bowl, it pretty much looks like any other football game.

I've seen a lot of football games so my attention turned to the commercials. Yes, the FedEx commercial with the cave men was the best. I laughed out loud. I liked a couple of other commercials too. But was there a single spot that created a buzz that instantly busted through and became part of the culture? I don't think so.

Maybe there's too much at stake for the commercials to really take risks to be funny, or edgy. I can understand that. What I can't understand is football-playing Clydesdales.

Then again, I didn't understand the Bud Bowl either.

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By Harry Smith

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