Not Enough Votes For Nikki

American Idol, nikki
It's down to the final two. On last night's "American Idol" broadcast, Nikki McKibbin failed to get enough votes to stay in the game, Bob Goen, host of "Entertainment Tonight," reports for The Early Show.

Millions of Americans cast their votes after the "final three" sang their hearts out for a shot at super-stardom.

Nikki's first performance of the night was good, but Paula Abdul says she didn't really make the song her own.

"You need to pick a song that really makes you separate and distinct," said Abdul about her performance.

Justin Guarini sang "Lets Stay Together." He got rave reviews for his homage to Al Green, as well as for the Elton John song the judges picked, even from hard-to-please judge Simon Cowell.

And Kelly Clarkson handled the judge's song choice like a pro and while 'her' choice of songs didn't impress any of the judges, her singing voice did.

"You're the best singer in this competition - it's obvious," Cowell said to her.

So it was Nikki McKibbin's swan song. Goen spoke exclusively with Abdul after last night's vote.

"Was there anything Nikki could have done to win?" he asked.

"In the end, she wasn't as strong a singer as Kelly has been or as Justin has risen to," Abdul answered.