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In rare meeting, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un calls for "offensive measures"

North Korea calls for "offensive measures"
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un calls for "offensive measures" 02:09

One day away from a deadline set by North Korea to soften sanctions against its nuclear program, leader Kim Jong Un urged members of his party to "take positive and offensive measures for fully ensuring the sovereignty and security of the country." North Korea had warned of a "Christmas gift" for the U.S. if the easing of sanctions didn't happen, and they claim they've had two successful missile-related tests this month.

Kim Jong Un was center stage at the Workers' Party meeting, a rare event in North Korea. It was called because Kim is thinking of taking the country on a different course, reports CBS News' Barry Petersen. 
In recent years he has been downplaying the military in favor of boosting the emerging middle class by getting more consumer goods into the country, but after summits with President Trump did not ease economic sanctions, the war of words escalated. One North Korean official called Mr. Trump a "heedless and erratic old man."
There is a real worry that Kim will go back to the days of nuclear brinkmanship and long range ballistic missile launches – a move already drawing fire from the president's national security adviser who said the U.S. would take appropriate military or economic action.

South Koreans are so afraid Mr. Trump may pull out U.S. troops in some future deal with Kim that the U.S. ambassador made front page news Monday with reassurances that America's military is there to stay.

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