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Wife tries to prove to husband lottery tickets are a waste of money, wins $1M

Turns out, there are some bets that are well worth losing.

Glenda Blackwell, a 57-year-old woman from Leicester, North Carolina, learned that lesson over the weekend when her husband asked her to buy two Powerball tickets.

In an attempt to prove to him that lottery tickets are a waste of cash, she instead bought a Carolina Millions ticket for $10. “I wanted to show him that luck doesn’t always hit,” Blackwell said, according to the North Carolina Lottery.

But the scratch-off ticket was a winner, and Blackwell struck gold with a $1 million prize. 

“I had to eat my words,” she said. “But those are pretty good words to eat.”

Blackwell chose to take the lump sum of $415,503 after taxes. She said she plans to use the money to buy a new home and help her granddaughters go to college one day. 

And while it looks like Blackwell’s husband may have had the last word, the couple probably won’t need to argue over lottery tickets again anytime soon.

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