Norm Coleman: Let's Not Rush Things

Former Senator Norm Coleman, who is appealing his loss to Democrat Al Franken in the Minnesota Senate race to the Minnesota Supreme Court, yesterday asked the court not to take up his appeal too quickly.

Coleman wants the case "argued no sooner than mid-May," reports the Star Tribune – two weeks later than Franken would like to see the court take up the case.

As the Trib notes, Coleman's team says it wants the case argued "as expeditiously as possible," but add that their lawyers "must be given enough time to fully develop and consider the issues on appeal."

Franken was declared the winner of the extraordinarily close election following a recount, and the appeal is the latest volley in a protracted court battle over which ballots should and should not be counted.

National Republicans, who benefit from keeping Franken's vote out of the Senate, have called for donations to help Coleman continue his legal fight.

Back in November, Coleman called for Franken to drop out of the race after initial Election Day results showed Coleman with a slight lead over his rival.