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Non-Lipo Love-Handle Reducers OK'd by FDA

There's nothing to love about love handles.

Many Americans turn to liposuction as the solution.

Last year, nearly 200-thousand people went under the knife to have fat removed from various parts of their bodies, according to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

But, says CBS News Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton, two body-contouring procedures recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration could offer non-invasive and more affordable alternatives if you're trying to shrink stubborn love handles that just won't disappear.

Neither requires an incision, unlike liposuction, which is surgery. Both cost much less than lipo. Neither new procedure involves anesthesia.

One freezes away fat cells. The other is a low-level laser that causes fat cells to collapse.

The first is called CoolSculpting, by Zeltiq. It basically freezes fat cells and destroys them. This is usually done for love handles, back fat or, for women, for the little "pooch" on the lower stomach. This can be done in one-to-three hours, depending on the area, with the patient fully awake. You'll start to see results in about three weeks and, as the fat cells continue to self-destruct, you'll see more improvement.

Ashton showed before-and-after pictures provided by Zerona, by Erchonia, uses a low-level laser to liquefy the fat within the cell -- the fat cells become smaller, so the inches come off the waist, hips and thighs. There's no heat or sensation. It can be done in about 40 minutes -- and you'll see results in about four-to-six sessions.In pictures provided by Skiniovative, in Houston, the "pooch" in a woman's stomach is definitely minimized. This is a huge problem for women as they get older.

Another image shows a noticeable difference in the love handles on the hips of a man.

Ashton points out that there are very few risks with the two procedures.

They're generally for reducing localized fat, not for those who are obese -- it's for people who are 10-20 pounds from their ideal weight and who follow a healthy lifestyle.

The procedures don't prevent future weight gain. You need to continue to eat healthy and exercise to maintain the better look.

With Zerona, doctors recommend you stay hydrated and stay away from alcohol and caffeine for two weeks, because they could affect the results.

But what really makes the procedures more available to people is their cost -- a fraction of that of lipo. These cost somewhere in the hundreds of dollars, while lipo is in the thousands.

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