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"No Way Home" Start in Anchorage?

Anchorage, located in South Central Alaska, is one of the possible starting points for "Early Show" Weather Anchor Dave Price's highly-anticipated "No Way Home" series.

Special Section: No Way Home

In Focus: Other Cities Where Dave Could Start

Will Anchorage be where viewers decide?

The city -- 4,364.3 miles from New York -- could be where Dave's road begins as he attempts to make it back to "The Early Show" in a week. Dave will only have a one-way ticket, $50, his ingenuity, and some technical devices to record his travels (including a Windows Phone 7 provided by Microsoft).

However, if viewers vote for Anchorage, Dave could face some challenges from the very beginning: According to the Municipality of Anchorage's website, "a diverse wildlife population exists in urban Anchorage and the surrounding area. Approximately 250 black bears and 60 grizzly bears live in the area. Bears are regularly sighted within the city."

For more information about Anchorage, visit the Official Anchorage Alaska Travel Guide or the Municipality of Anchorage's website.

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