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No Slim Pickens For T. Boone

Voters are increasingly warming to Texas billionaire T. Boone Pickens’ energy plan, a new study shows.

A national survey of 800 likely voters, commissioned by Pickens, found that nearly nine of ten believe his plan should be included in a national strategy to tackle energy problems.

Nearly three-fourths of voters said the Pickens Plan would contribute “a great deal” or “a fair amount” to help solve the nation’s energy trouble.

Pickens has been touting his plan on Capitol Hill and across the country, urging the government to help fund the construction of wind farms to produce 20 percent of the nation’s electricity within 10 years.

The move would slash foreign oil imports by a third, which costs the country $700 billion a year, according to Pickens. It would also move the nation’s motor fleet toward natural gas to conserve gasoline.

“On energy independence, the public ‘gets it’ and demands that something be done,” said Peter D. Hart of Peter D. Hart Research, which conducted the poll along with Public Opinion Strategies. “With its focus on renewable wind energy, the Pickens Plan is right on target, and the public…overwhelmingly supports it.”