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No Place Here For MySpace, one of the most popular teen Web sites, has been banned from schools in Florida's eighth largest district.

Students in Polk County schools, which have almost 100,000 students, won't be able to access the social networking site that's on the radar of many teens.

Some use MySpace to post pictures and other information that's available to anyone with a click of a mouse.

And that, explainsSusan McGinnis, is exactly what has school officials and parents concerned.

Officials barred the site after parents complained it could lure sexual predators, and that some teens go too far by posting revealing photos and discussing sexual activities or drug use.

The move upset students such as a 17-year-old girl named Melanie who complained, "I think it is a really cool resource, and the Internet is really as safe as you can make it."

But the assistant superintendent of Polk County Schools, Bruce Tonjes, says there's "no way we can condone using our computers to put information out of a personal nature about our students."

Polk officials say that they don't plan to ban any other popular teen sites.

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