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No Kid Rock in the ol' cellblock

LANSING, Mich. - Rapper-turned-rocker Kid Rock can't get into prison for a song.

The Michigan Department of Corrections has denied a production company's request to film a music video featuring the multiple Grammy Award nominee inside an Ypsilanti women's prison.

Corrections communications director Chris Gautz says the company wanted Kid Rock to perform for prisoners at the Huron Valley Correctional Facility in southeastern Michigan.

Gautz tells The Detroit News that holding a concert at the 2,000-inmate prison would create "a host of security issues." He says building a concert stage could lead to unaccounted pieces of it being used as weapons.

Gautz says the corrections department is talking with the Los Angeles-based production company about instead filming a Kid Rock music video at a vacant maximum security prison at Standish, a few hours' drive from Detroit.

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