'No Justice, No Peace'

600 protesters turned out in Riverside, California, on Monday for a rally against alleged police brutality and racial profiling.

Chanting "No justice, No peace!" the group denounced last week's decision not to prosecute four white police officers who killed a 19-year-old black woman they found asleep in her car. She was armed, and police said she reached for her gun.

CBS News Correspondent Sandra Hughes reports that the Riverside case is just the latest in a series of incidents that has civil rights groups calling for action:

National civil rights leaders joined the Riverside demonstrators. "We don't need permission to stand up against murder against the shedding of innocent blood," said New York civil rights leader Al Sharpton.

It was late December when the four Riverside policemen were called to a parking lot where Tyisha Miller lay unconscious in her car, a gun in her lap. When an officer broke the car window, they say she grabbed for her gun. The officers fired 23 shots at her.

Supporters of the Miller family charge excessive force and racism. There are reports that some officers uttered racial slurs at the scene.

The Tyisha Miller shooting was the latest in a string of alleged police brutality cases, including two in New York City, that have prompted calls for action at a congressional black caucus hearing on Monday.

"If we in law enforcement have to work with bigots with badges then the community doesn't have a chance," U.S. Marshal Matthew Fogg said at the hearing.

The four officers in the Riverside case aren't in the clear yet. The Justice Department is investigating whether they violated Tyisha Miller's civil rights the night that they killed her.

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