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No-Fly List Procedures Changed Following Terror Attempt

The Transportation Security Administration is lagging behind a mandate to inspect all cargo flown on passenger planes by this August. CBS

In the wake of Faisal Shahzad's arrest aboard an airplane at JFK airport on Monday night, the Obama administration has changed the procedures for the no-fly list.

A White House official told CBS News that airlines will now have to check the list within two hours of notification of an update with special circumstances, such as happened on Monday. Previously, airlines only were required to check within 24 hours.

The changes come following questions about how the alleged attempted Times Square car bomber was able to board an Emirates flight bound for Dubai despite being identified as a suspect and added to the no-fly list earlier in the day.

The White House official said Emirates seemingly didn't check the new update for Shahzad before he was allowed to purchase a ticket and board the plane. He was captured after a customs agent noticed the name and called the plane back to the gate before takeoff.

The new rules go into effect today.

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