No charges for white N.C. officer who punched black man

No charges for N.C. officer
No charges for N.C. officer 02:05

GREENSBORO, N.C. --  A prosecutor in North Carolina said no criminal charges will be filed against a white police officer seen on video punching a black man as he sat on his mother’s porch.

The police department said the officer had violated use of force policy. 

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Last June, Greensboro police officers Charlotte Jackson and Travis Cole, both wearing body cameras, approached Dejuan Yourse after a report of a possible burglary.

Yourse explained he was there waiting for his mom. At first, the encounter was cordial.

“This is my mom’s house,” said Yourse.

“Okay. What’s your mom’s name?” Jackson asked.

“Olivia,” Yourse answered. 

As officer Jackson checked Yourse’s ID, officer Cole questioned him.

“You actually live here? Still?” he asked.

“I mean, I’m in and out,” he answered. “Try and get my mom on the phone for you. Just to let you know I’m not lying.” 

But the call went to voicemail.  After eight more minutes, Yourse urged Cole to confirm his story with neighbors and started down the steps.

Dejuan Yourse.  CBS News

“Come on, we can go ask them,” Yourse said. 

“No, no, sit down,” Cole said pushing Yourse.

“Hey now, why you doing that man?” Yourse asked.

“I said sit down.” 

“But why you talkin’ to me like that I didn’t do anything, bro,” Yourse said. 

That’s when the situation quickly escalated.

“Police is over here and they harassing me,” Yourse said on the phone. 

“Ok, off the phone!” Cole yelled. 

“Hey man, get off of me man!” Yourse could be heard saying. 

CBS News asked former NYPD detective Tom Deluca to watch the video.  

“I was sickened by it, really,” he said. 

“I was sickened by it, really,” says former NYPD detective Tom Deluca.   CBS News

As he was trying to handcuff Yourse, officer Cole allegedly punched him at least once during the struggle.

“I’m not resisting! I’m not resisting!” Yourse could be heard yelling. 

“It was not necessary and the escalation came completely on the part of the officer,” Deluca said. 

The officers attempted to take him to their squad car, but he ended up on the ground, with Cole’s knee on his back.

“This is ridiculous, man!” Yourse yelled.

“Damn right it is,” Cole answered.

The Greensboro police department confirmed both officers have resigned. All charges against Yourse were dropped.