Nips & Tucks For Senior Men

Jan Leighton is an actor who bills himself as "The Man Of 3,000 Faces," and now he's about to have one more.

As CBS News Correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi reports, the 84-year-old is about to have a facelift.

"OK, so I look at myself, and I say to myself, 'I could be a little younger… a little bit hanging here,'" he says.

Over the last five years, the number of men having plastic surgery has increased by more than 700 percent, and many of the men making up that new statistic are men in their late 60s, 70s even their 80s.

"I'm not surprised that men are getting plastic surgery," says Helen Fisher, a sexual anthropologist. She says the definition of "middle age" is expanding in America.

"Demographers now say middle age should be up to age 85, and we've got more and more men in their 60s and 70s who feel middle aged, are middle aged and want to look middle aged," Fisher says.

So some men take it into their own hands, or at least a good surgeon's hands. Aging actors, like Michael Douglas and retirement age rockers like Ozzy Osbourne, are rumored to have been nipped or tucked.

And while they're not talking, their faces tell the story, just like the growing group of grandparents in Dr. Mark Erlich's book of "happily-ever afters."

Erlich says age alone no longer disqualifies a patient.

"There are people who are 50 who are medically unfit for doing cosmetic surgery, and there are patients that are 80 that are totally fine," says Erlich.

Erlich says some seniors say they want cosmetic surgery to keep up with their younger wives or girlfriends, while others, like Leighton, insist they need it to prevent their careers from sagging.

"You can be passed over like that, by virtue of your gray hair or bags under your eyes," he says. Leighton adds that hurts no matter what age you are.

"I just wanna be what I feel that I am," he says. "And besides which, I might have a whole bunch of relatives, progeny that might be waiting for my money… why not spend it on me?"

After the surgery, Leighton shows off his latest face in his repertoire. Sure it's a stretch, but at 84-years-old, he says he's ready for a second act.