Nine Months Pregnant Serial Burglar? Samantha Brewer Accused of Robbing Homes, Leaving Kids in Car

Samantha Brewer (CBS affiliate WKRC)

HARRISON, Ohio (CBS/AP) A very pregnant mother is accused in a series of house burglaries in Harrison, Ohio, say police.

How pregnant? The suspect, 26-year-old Samantha Brewer, is nine months pregnant. But that's not even the worst of it.

Police say Brewer's m.o. was to case homes and wait for all the cars to leave. Then she would leave her kids in the car, including at least one young son, while she broke into at least 7 homes, often heading straight to the bedroom, and grabbing the jewelry box.

Brewer was arrested Wednesday night on charges of robbery, attempted robbery, and child endangering, says Harrison police Lt. Steve Wilson. Bond was set at $275,000, reports CBS affiliate WKRC.

The pregnant burglar's alleged crime spree began in April with the last reported break-in occurring Tuesday of this week.