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Nina Garcia on hottest trends, season 14 of "Project Runway"

Nina Garcia is gearing up for the 14th season of "Project Runway" -- and she can't wait to get things started.

"It's been a lovely trip," said Garcia, who has served as a judge on the Lifetime reality competition series since its inception in 2004. "We always come up with some new twists, so you gotta wait and watch," Garcia added.

Garcia, who's also creative director at Marie Claire magazine, hopes to continue judging designers on the series for many years to come.

"I hope we go for another 14 [seasons]. I would love that," she said.

Read below for more on "Project Runway," Garcia's take on fashion and a cause that's important to the fashion journalist and her family.

On "Project Runway": "We are about to start filming in mid-June our 14th season of 'Project Runway.' I've been there from the start, along with Tim Gunn and Heidi [Klum]. It's been a wonderful TV program that we enjoy doing. As an editor it's a lovely way to promote young designers and design in general. It happens for two months in the summer. It's really every other day. The designers have technically for 12 to 24 hours to come up with the design, so it's grueling especially for the designers. They have to step up and be creative and be nimble and be fast."

On why "Project Runway" resonates: "People are attracted to that process of creation. You are making an outfit out of something nothing -- out of supermarket products. It's that process of being creative -- what you can turn out in 12 hours, in 24 hours. And I also think the part of the allure of this program is that it really gives you a peek of what really goes into being a designer and hte industry of design of that creative process. And everybody could have an opinion, everybody can have a thought about it. And everybody can see that process along the way. That's what been so interesting show. Yes, it's reality show, but one that has some really interesting creative process to it."

What she looks for in a designer: "Somebody that has a very personal point of view and somebody that has creativity and drive."

On new trends: "The best way to update your look and to be on trend is through accessories. This season is all about the '70s. It's all about gladiator sandals, platform shoes, jeans -- with a little bit of a flair. Wide-leg pants. You can do short. You can do long -- but it's really about that '70s vibe. Suede is a big deal this summer -- summer suede. Anything that feels very '70s -- and if you can get it through through accessorizing, I think it's the quickest way to get on trend."

On buying a new closet staple: "I would go with a high-waisted pants. I love pants."

On biggest fashion mistake: "I think the biggest mistake is trying to fit into something you don't or trying to follow a trend that doesn't really work for you. I say that everybody should find a personal style. And yes, you can dabble into the trends, but easily and organically but what works for your body and for you. And the trends will pass and another trend will come but always be true to your style, be true to yourself."

Garcia recently teamed with theEpiPen On Location initiative, an educational campaign to encourage people with severe allergies to understand the importance of avoiding allergic triggers. Her8-year-old son was diagnosed with life-threatening (severe) allergies to peanuts and tree nuts as a toddler. As part of the initiative, Garcia created a video to help spread the word about having an action plan, how to avoid triggers and recognizing the symptoms, which could include rashes, hives, redness, swelling of the skin, vomiting or tightening of the throat.

On why she joined the initiative as a spokesperson: "It's an important initiative for me because I've had a very important experience with my son who has life-threatening severe allergies. Really, it is a national call-to-action campaign to educate others about avoiding the allergic triggers and having access two epinephrine auto-injectors like EpiPen at all times...It always keeps me on my toes."

On her son's allergy situation: "We found out about my son's allergies very early on....What is so scary about allergies is that even if you are very prepared it can be very unpredictable. One summer, we were driving to the beach and he had a chip that triggered his allergy."

Season 14 of "Project Runway" debuts this summer.