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Nikki Reed partners with AXE to help conserve water

"Twilight" star Nikki Reed has teamed up with AXE to help promote water conservation by , encouraging people to take shorter showers, install  low-flow showerheads, and even shower together or "showerpool."

"On a really basic level, I'm always trying to be as environmentally conscious as I could be and this something that is really easy for people to do and it doesn't take a lot of thought," Reed told of AXE's "showerpooling" campaign. "It's a really great way to do something when you don't know what else to do."

While Reed, who plays  the vampire Rosalie  in the hugely popular "Twilight" movies, gave a talk to students at the University of Southern California about various ways to conserve water, the 24-year-old acknowledges that she is not the authority on the subject.

"The thing about it, being very honest, I've been learning along the way. I'm not teaching...I'm learning the things that I can do and it's really simple and basic," said Reed. "I think that the people I talk to can feel like they relate and understand."

Reed says she and her husband, former "American Idol" contestant Paul McDonald,  got into the green lifestyle after attending Outside Lands in San Francisco, a city that  she says encourages recycling and composting.

"People on the street are just happy to talk to you about all the simple things you can do and I felt really inspired and it's kind of the reason why I wanted to be involved in AXE and this campaign," said Reed.

After visiting San Francisco, Reed started composting at home and she says she has become a "crazy bag lady" who gets angry when she forgets to bring her reusable bag to the grocery store. But, she says, she's not perfect.

"I'm not by any means a hero in this department. I don't drive the perfect car and I don't always carpool, I'm just sort of a normal person I don't want to make myself out to be something that I'm not, but I try and that's the message behind this, and I think that we can all try a little harder."

Reed has an EP coming out with her husband and "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2" is out on Nov. 16.