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Nikki Haley says U.S. in Iran deal "to see how we can make it better"

Trump vs. Iran nuclear deal
Trump vs. Iran nuclear deal 02:07

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said Sunday that "you're going to see us stay" in the Iranian nuclear deal -- after President Trump announced Friday that his administration "cannot and will not" certify Iran's compliance with the Iran nuclear agreement to Congress.

"Well, I think right now, you're going to see us stay in the deal. Because what we hope is that we can improve the situation. And that's the goal," Haley said Sunday on NBC's "Meet The Press." "So I think right now, we're in the deal to see how we can make it better," 

"It's not that we're getting out of the deal," she added. "We're just trying to make the situation better so that the American people feel safer."

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on CBS News' "Face the Nation" Sunday that the president's decision to not certify to Congress that Iran is in compliance under the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act (INARA) of 2015 signals to Iran that "there are serious flaws in this agreement." 

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"If we cannot see movement, if we don't see some encouragement that we're going to begin to address these, then there's no reason to stay in. And he [Trump] has every intention of walking out," Tillerson said.

Haley said that as the president calls on Congress to revisit the Obama-era deal, Americans are going to now see Mr. Trump working "very closely" with lawmakers to come up with something "more proportionate" and something that makes sense "for the U.S. to agree to."

"I think we have to go with the hopes that something does happen. I think on both sides of the aisle, they all agree that Iran is a threat. And I think you have to remember too, the previous administration never even let Congress have anything to do with this. This was an executive agreement. It was never an international agreement that included Congress," said Haley. 

The ambassador said that goal for the agreement is to hold the Iranians accountable and to "get them to be good community leaders," saying the original agreement was purely an "incentive."

Haley also addressed reports of tension between herself, Tillerson and Mr. Trump, shooting them down as purely "drama" and "palace intrigue."

"We all work very well together and our goal is to always make sure we're keeping Americans safe. And so I am glad to be living in New York just for that reason, is that I don't want to be near the drama and I don't want to be near the gossip. I'm going to continue to do a good job, and so is every member of the N.S.C.," she said, referring to the National Security Council.

Tillerson also discussed the issue of unity Sunday, telling CBS News' John Dickerson that there is "absolute alignment" between the State Department and the West Wing when it comes to addressing issues such as policies on Iran and North Korea.

Haley backed up those claims, saying she's witnessed Mr. Trump and Tillerson "work very well together." 

"I've been in the room with them many times. They continue to work strongly together. The secretary puts out as many options for the president as he can," she said.

Haley added, "He makes a decision, there's a mutual respect, and they go forward. And so everything that I have witnessed, all was fine. And if there's a problem, that's really a question for Secretary Tillerson. That's not anything for the rest of us to answer."

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