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Night Of Latin Music

From Rock to Ranchero, the vibrant sounds of Spanish music were honored at the Third Annual Latin Grammy Awards.

Early Show National Correspondent Hattie Kauffman went to the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles to participate on the festivities and join fans to celebrate Latin music.

Musicians came together to celebrate Latin music from around the globe. Carlos Vives led the pack with six nominations. His colorful style mixes Columbian folk with edgy rock. Vives collected XXX Grammys, including XXX of the year.

Shakira is enjoying crossover success as part of the current collision of Latin Rock and mainstream Pop. The Columbian singer took home a Grammy for best music video for her song "Swerte" — the title translated from Spanish into the word "luck."

While singing sensation Marc Anthony grew up in Spanish Harlem, New York, he's of Puerto Rican decent. Anthony grabbed a Grammy for best Salsa album.

The Grammy for best female rock vocal went to Mexico's answer to Madonna, Alejandra Guzman.

The annual awards ceremony brings together members of the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking communities to honor creative and technical achievements in 41 categories from a range of musical fields, including pop, rock, regional, jazz, Brazilian and classical.