Nigerian dwarf goat kid "plays" with friends

(CBS News) Goats can be one of the most adorable animals on the face of the earth when they're young. Sure, they can also be very cute later in life, but there's something about goat kids that can really take the cake sometimes. And the video above just goes to reinforce that point.

The playful caught-on-tape moment was posted by YouTube user sophistikathryn who writes:

Buttermilk Sky is a five-week-old Nigerian dwarf goat kid at Took a Leap Farm in Houlton, Maine. I think we'll have our hands full with this little one!

It does look like Buttermilk Sky will end up being a handful - a handful of adorable overload! To learn more about Buttermilk Sky, you can visit Took a Leap Farm's website by clicking here.